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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quick & Easy Remote Support

There are two programs that I've recently heard about that will allow someone to do remote tech support by allowing users to share screens:  
ScreenLeap and QuickScreenShare.

Both user your browser and only require Java.  There is no registration or software to install.  Screen Leap seems a bit more professional looking, but both basically work the same. Here is a snapshop of ScreenLeap once you are ready to share.

Here are the steps for QuickScreenShare - but they are basically the same for ScreenLeap.

First whether you want to share your screen, or view their screen.  Put in a name and click start.

Allow Java to Run by clicking Run this time.

Then Click on Run for the JavaApplet pop-up.

Then you are ready to share :-)
I'll be trying these for the next remote support request I have.

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