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Sunday, March 31, 2013 - sell back textbooks

Make (a little) money selling your books to the web site Cash4Books.  They buy mostly textbooks, but also other related fiction and non-fiction books.  All you have to do is type in the ISBN and it will tell you how much they will pay for the book.  They also have an Android and iPhone app that allows you to scan in the bar code and get a price.  When you are ready to ship, you print out a shipping label and send it in.  They pay for shipping.  I'm giving it a try right now to see how it works from Hawaii.

Update: 5/13/2013.  They received the books and promptly made payment into my paypal account.  Coming from Hawaii the books took longer to arrive there than anticipated.  My only issue is that they refused to pay for three of the books I sent (two of which were my higher priced items).  I thought the items were in good shape, but they only send a brief text description of what was wrong, no pictures to verify what they were saying. They say they will ship the books back to me (at my cost) if I want them or they will recycle.  It just seems a little suspicious that two of my three highest priced books were not paid.  I knew going in that it might be an issue, and only sent books in I knew I would be fine with if they didn't pay me for them.  Just be forewarned you might not get paid for everything you send in.   

Update: 5/19/2013:  Their customer service contacted me back, and they were able to take pictures, load it up to the order so that i could verify what they stated.  Two books I probably didn't check well enough when I sent in - one looked like some handwritten notes on a page somewhere in middle of book, so I'm sure I missed that.  The biding coming loose must have happened while in shipment (so be sure to pack firmly), but you can't blame them for not taking a book damaged in shipping.  I would say they seem to check the books very meticulous, so be sure you do the same before sending it off. My son just got done with his college semester so we may scan his books in to see what we can get.  You won't make a lot of money off of this service, but if you can't sell it locally and don't want it taking up space, this may be an easy option to look into - much easier and less time consuming than trying to sell it on ebay :-)

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