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Sunday, March 31, 2013

EasyBib App

Everyone knows about, which is a free citation and bibliography creation tool for writers to use so that they can properly cite their sources.  

There is now a free EasyBib app (for both the iOS and Android phones and tablets).  If you have a camera on your device you can just scan in the ISBN bar code and it will produce the bibliography for you.  You then have an option to email the information to share it or have it on your computer for use when you sit down and write your paper.

So when using a book source, copy down your notes and scan the book's barcode to get the proper citation for your report.  This is a pretty cool little free app.

There is also a free Google Chrome extension that you can install that will allow you to create citation while you are on a web site.  So use the apps for hard cover books, and use the Chrome extention for web site - to ensure you are properly citing a reference tool.

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