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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Google Chrome: Another Reason to Use (Love) It

The other day I noticed that my computer seemed to be acting very slow, especially loading web pages.  Then I got this error/warning message pop up when I tried to use (in my Chrome browser):

I then tried to start Microsoft Security Essentials and it would not start.
I then went to Trend Micro to do an online scan, and it found a couple of malware, but not the virus.
I shutdown the computer, turned off my wireless and rebooted. I immediately went into MSE and it started.  The virus definitions has not been updated in three days (which is unusual as it normally does it every day).  I ran a full scan (4+hours) and it found and removed the virus.

I was starting to get suspicious that my computer was infected (or something was wrong with it), because it was very slow loading web pages.....and I was thinking about doing a full scan, but the warning from Chrome just confirmed by worse suspension and made me realize that I need to be more cautious and run full scans more often.  I will also stop using Internet Explorer (which is where I think it got into the my computer from).

I've also recently had Chrome pop up and tell me "Something is not right" with a web site.  So I did not go to that web site.  I will be using Chrome almost exclusively from now on :-)
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