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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Audiotorium Notes (iPad paid app)

I just heard about this app (Audiotorium) on a livestream of a tech conference on the mainland.  College students are using it to take notes in the lecture classes - but adults could use it to keep track of meeting or at conferences.  What it is, is an app that records audio, but also lets you take written notes as well.  So you take notes normally as you would in a lecture, but it also records it live so that in case you miss something in your notes, you have the live recording.

While it does cost $5.99, it can be worthwhile if you take a lot of notes....which is why I think it is so popular with college students.

Similar apps are:
SoundNote for $4.99.
Noteability for $.99

A Note on Evernote.  If you have a Evernote account you can also use the Evernote app to record while taking notes, but it saves it as an embedded file.  It is not as smooth, or have options to bookmark the audio, but it is still a viable option for note taking and recording.  It's free, so give it a try!

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