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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Math Ref Free App

While on Spring Break I thought I'd check out some tech resources, and I will post my findings here on this blog, just to keep a record of it :-)

Just heard about a free math reference app, that runs on both the iPad/iPhone and Android phones/tablets.

While the full version, which costs $1.99, has twice as much information and formulas, the free version is still very useful for some.  It was voted
2012 Best App Ever
    ★ 1st Place Best College Student App
    ★ 2nd Place Best High School Student App
    ★ 2nd Place Best Middle School Student App

I think it's something that both students and teachers may find a useful app to check out.  It is only a reference tool, it does not do the math for you.   Here are a couple of screen shots.


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