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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chromebook Update

It's been a few months since my last update, but I've been busy using the Chromebook.

It is such a convenient device (typing on it now). It boots quickly.  It is just as fast at starting up today as it was 4 month ago.  If I didn't need certain apps that need Windows, this would be a perfect laptop replacement.  It is very light and portable.  It  does not heat up as much as a laptop, so you can comfortably keep it on your lap, which I haven't done with my laptop in quite awhile.  It would be perfect if it had a DVD drive, but that is not what it was designed for.

The only drawback is the keyboard, but you can get by most of the shortcomings if you get used to it's is a bit more cumbersome than a regular keyboard, but it is designed with a small footprint in mind.

It will be hard to use it as a primary computer, but for some people it will be possible.  It is a great little device and so easy to use.
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