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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cyber Safety Workshop

Yesterday I attended a great workshop on Cyber Safety put on by the University of Hawaii College of Education.  Speakers were Lauren Mark, Truc Nguyen, and Chris Duque.

It covered guidelines schools should follow, legal ramifications and laws, digital citizenship, various sites and tools that are common for cyber harassment to occur on, online safety contracts, acceptable use policies, cyber security and other topics.  The goal is to inform people and start some Cyber Safety Awareness task groups at schools made of faculty, parents and possibly students.

When I get a copy of the slides I will share them here, along with other sites of interest.

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Facebook: CyberSafety808 (search for this page) - relates specifically to Hawaii
State of Hawaii web site on Cyber Securty:

Here is a good list of Cyber Safety and Security blogs:

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