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Thursday, May 9, 2013

TeamViewer: Works nicely on Kindle Fire

I tested out TeamViewer today.  This allows you to remotely control a computer over an internet connection.  I have a desktop that I had setup that will allow me to remotely log in so that I can 1) access certain programs from home (and on a tablet, that won't normally run on a tablet), or 2) log into a school computer to check on the network, application or connection issues remotely.  I probably use this feature 3-4 times a year, but it is still good to have that ability when needed.

When I had the iPad I used TeamViewer and while it worked, the screen orientation never quite fit, so I never got to see the whole desktop - so it worked, but it felt clumsy on the iPad.  On the iPad I ended up using SplashTop.  I would use it if I needed to access Outlook or a Windows specific program. But now most of my apps (email, etc.) is web based so it's not as necessary for me to use a remote control program from my tablet.  However, I thought I'd try to see if TeamViewer was better on the Kindle - and it was!!!!
The computer I connected to control was a Windows based PC.

I was surprised that I could see the whole desktop, it was much easier to use than I remembered on the iPad.  Using the touchscreen to control a desktop isn't the easiest, but will work in a pinch.  When you first log in, you see the whole desktop, but then you can zoom in and out as needed.  It was a fairly simple process to control the desktop from my Kindle.

TeamViewer is free for private use or you can purchase it for a business.  If remote access is needed, it is a slick too that you can add to your Kindle arsenal.    I hope to try out SplashTop soon to compare.

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