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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Setting up Outlook to use IMAP with GMail

Using the IMAP protocol will allow you to 'sync' how your email behaves in Outlook and GMail - so that if you read an email in Outlook, and then later log into GMail you can tell it has already been read.  Using this protocol will increase network traffic, but it keeps track of your email progress regardless of whether you use your computer outlook, or phone gmail app.....

First you need to make sure your GMail account can use IMAP.  Go into settings on GMail.

Next go to settings and click on Enable IMAP.

Then near the bottom click on Configure your email client.  It has instructions you can use.
Or you can follow along here.....

Open Outlook and go to File - Info and the into Account Settings.

On the email accounts page you will choose NEW to set up the new IMAP account.....later if you have a POP3 setup, you can go back and remove it, once the new IMAP is working.
Now click on "New"
Then on the next page choose "Internet Email" and hit Next.
Then click on Manually configure and choose email.

 At the new account setting put in the relevant information.
Our imap and smtp server are &

This should keep your Outlook and Gmail synced.  This worked for me, but sometimes you gotta go in and change the port numbers in "more settings" - so test account and if it doesn't work go into advanced settings and set the port.

Here is what I have for our domain....

if what I wrote doesn't make sense you can refer to these two web sites I used to research the steps, or you might want to check it out if my steps don't work for you at Seabury:,1665137,2769074

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