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Friday, June 13, 2008

Jott - Voice to Text web site is a neat web site that allows you to call a number with your cell phone and send a text message anywhere. You can send yourself a quick reminder email just by placing a call with your phone. You are limited to 30 seconds, but it is surprisingly good at converting text.

You must use your cell phone when you sign up for an account, do not use the school's phone number. You could also use a home phone, but you must have one main phone number associated with the site. It uses caller ID to identify who you are, so you'll need to set up each phone number separately if you want more than just your cell phone.

If you set up Jon's or my email address into Jott, you could send us quick little emails when you are on the road or do not have access to your laptop at the moment.

Go to and sign up.
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