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Monday, July 14, 2014

Online learning - a new experience

For the next month or so I want to try several online courses/class as professional development.  The criteria: it had to be relevant to what I want to learn, and most importantly, it has to be free.

The first thing I'm trying is a course from, called "Do It Yourself Web 2.0 Tools"
A lot of the opportunities on this web site cost money, but there are a few free things available.

The format is interesting in that they send you one email a day with your lesson plan for the day.  The first day was about blogging and the second about RSS.  I will also be trying a couple of other course, and wanted to keep track of what I'm working on, in case others may be interested.

Another great site to visit is
It is Edublogs Teacher Challenge - billed as Free Professional Learning for Educators by Educators.  There are a lot of great links to do and tutorials to follow to become more experienced in educational related technologies.

Another great site this summer to visit is
This is set up by (@TechNinjaToddTodd Neslony (  Here is what his stated goal is:  "I'm starting a Summer Learning Series.  Every week I'm going to send you a challenge to learn something NEW!  Something that will help make you an even better educator." 

You click on the blog he started for this every week to get a new lesson.  I have looked thru the first two weeks and it is very interesting.  He has gotten folks from around the web to help him create this fun and educational challenges.  He also has a Google Form for you to fill out so you can track where you are and he can motivate you and track how many people are doing the challenge: over 1,500 people as of two weeks ago.  It seems to have a lot to do with connections with others, and will build your PLN.  If you want to learn about twitter, then this is a great place to start.

Here is a list of other site you can check out for good education related bloggers....courtesy of PLPNetwork.

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