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Thursday, April 24, 2014

#apigee: UHMC Mobile App Development Workshop

Today I attended an 8-hour workshop sponsored by apigee, on how to build a mobile app for the web, iOS, Windows or Android environment.

Here is the website lessons that we quickly went thru.
When I have some time, I will be working thru this tutorial and solidifying the concepts I learned today.

What I enjoyed about this was that you can do your programming in one language (in this case HTML & Javascript) and then you can take that same code and put in onto either a web site, or Mobile OS.  Using a tool called PhoneGap you can directly create files for the Android and Windows mobile OS.  For an iOS app to go thru the official channels, you will need to get a developer subscription with Apple and compile the final code on a Mac.

The event was free, included food for a 20 minute lunch (we were busy the whole time and didn't break), and sponsored by UHMC.  Here is a link to the course description and info on Maui Business Brainstormers.  It was a nice event, and a technical challenge even for some of us who are familiar with programming.  They covered a bunch of tools and utilities (like a nice free text editor) to help with the process.  The nice thing is the whole development process is free, but of course there are business plans you can purchase if your app/business is growing or large enough to need extra support.

If anyone is interested in developing mobile apps, but don't want to spend the learning curve to program natively in object oriented languages, than give this a look.  If there is another presentation on Maui, I'd recommend going.

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