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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Save iPhone photos to Google Drive/Photos

On my Android it was easy to set up all my photos to back up on Google.  To do the same on the iPhone you need to install Google+. 

Once you install the Google+ app for iPhone you can them have all your pictures (in camera roll) get saved to Google Drive.  To set your iPhone up, start Google+ (and log in) and choose Photo, as shown below.

Next go into 'Camera and Photos'.

Then choose 'Auto Backup' to turn it on.

Lastly, turn Auto Backup on, and I turned on 'Full Sized Backups' so my images would have the best resolution.  To save on my data plan I choose to backup photos over Wi-Fi to save some of my data plan bandwidth. 

I think that is iPhone now backs up my photos automatically to Google to ensure I have a backup, and so I can access those images on Google and it's apps, like Blogger. 

I also created this post in the iPhone Blogger app. 
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