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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NECC Conference Notes #1

Over the next couple of week, I'll be posting up information I gathered from the National Education and Computing Conference I attended in San Antonio, TX.

I also got a bunch of 'freebies' that I'll be giving away to interested SH faculty who follow this blog.

Texas was very hot (100+ degrees every day) , but the Convention Center and everywhere I went was air conditioned so I didn't feel the heat too much, except when I walked along the RiverWalk area and went to the Alamo.

First off, two web sites I think some people might be interested in.
1) - It's similar in look to YouTube, but videos are posted mostly by teachers for their students or other faculty to learn from. Might be a good resource for some of us to just learn how others are doing things or using video.
Here is one video I like that I think we should show at a Freshman Seminar.
But there are a lot of math and science related videos.
2) - This has a lot of videos by kids for kids, but it also has stuff for teachers.

I'm still looking into these site, but seems SchoolTube is a bit more moderated so only 'safe' videos make it online - everything is reviewed before being posted for all to see.

Both are definitely safer than YouTube.

CONTEST ALERT:The first 5 SH employees to visit one of these sites and leave a comment HERE on what they liked/disliked, or found useful will be entered into a drawing to a DVD movie by Discovery Education called "When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions, Landing The Eagle"

Another copy of this video was given to the Library if you want to see it.

When you leave a comment, be sure to put write in your first name so I know who to credit :-)
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